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Protecting the Unborn

Jessica is committed to protecting our most vulnerable community members- unborn children.


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Jessica Castleberry HB 1113

Representative Tony Randolph prime sponsored HB 1113 in the House of Representatives, and Senator Jessica Castleberry is proud to be prime sponsor in the Senate. This bill was signed into law.

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In the midst of swirling media around modernizing abortion law in the United States, we can pause for a moment to set focus on an opportunity to stand up for families and mothers, the unborn, workers, and their employers- the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA) currently making its way through the legislative process at the Federal level...



Perinatal Hospice: A Story Close to Home

Senator Castleberry protected the unborn in 2021

Senator Castleberry prime sponsored:

SB 83 require the provision of information regarding perinatal hospice.

Senator Castleberry co-sponsored:

HB 1051 maintain the life of any child born alive.

HB 1161 update certain provisions regarding pregnancy help center consultations.

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