Protecting Low Taxes

The State should only collect taxes to fund legitimate government functions. Government taxes and fees should be limited to essential, inherently governmental functions.

-South Dakota Republican Party Platform

“Government does not tax to get the money it needs; government always finds a need for the money it gets.” 

-Ronald Reagan

Jessica believes in limiting government spending and lowering taxes. We need to make certain South Dakotans can afford to live and stay in their homes.


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HB 1039: Grassland Tax Relief Bill

Keeps land that has been used as grassland for the past twenty years as grassland and not have any portion reassessed as cropland.

Cleans up current assessment processes and lighten the load of county assessors, local departments of equalization, and the Department of Revenue.

Holds the Department of Revenue accountable for unkept promises to fix the broken assessment system for the past eleven years.

Supports agriculture and our South Dakota ranchers.

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South Dakota Legacy LandownerTax Relief

Legacy Landowner Tax Relief

Senator Castleberry is co-sponsoring HB 1253 with Representative Chaffee, to provide property assessment freeze and reduction of property assessment for certain seniors, and to revise qualifications for a property tax exemption. These changes will help seniors in South Dakota afford to stay in their homes.

Senior and Disabled Tax Assessment Freeze

Revising and increasing accessibility to the freeze on assessments for dwellings of disabled and senior citizens HB 1001

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South Dakota Tax Relief