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Quality of Life

Jessica promotes quality of life for all South Dakotans.


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Raspberry Pancakes

Dignity and quality of life for elderly, disabled and homeless

In 2022, Senator Castleberry prime sponsored SB 149, Read more

Senator Castleberry promoted quality of life in 2021

Senator Castleberry co-sponsored:

SR 702 Acknowledging the local disaster impacting the Hideaway Hills neighborhood in the community of Black Hawk, Meade County, South Dakota.

HCR 6008 To reauthorize the Mental Health Services Delivery Task Force for the limited purposes of monitoring the growth and development of current initiatives in the delivery of mental health services, reviewing and proposing adjustments to the levels of funding,

SB 144 make an appropriation to provide for a crisis stabilization unit and to declare an emergency.

Counseling Group


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