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What Are Purple Star Schools and How Will They Benefit South Dakota?

A national initiative by the Military Child Education Coalition, the Purple Star School program is designed to help schools respond to educational and social-emotional challenges kids face during their transition to a new school and new communities.

Military children move every two to three years. We want to make sure that our military families moving to South Dakota are connected with resources for counseling, mentorship, volunteering, and support services, and are ready for college, workforce, and adulthood.

I am a co-sponsor of HB 1056, An Act to authorize the designation of Purple Star schools. This legislation has already passed in Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Montana, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, South Carolina, Texas and Tennessee. While South Dakota has many schools already focused on helping our military families, this is an opportunity for us to align with national standards to ensure we're providing the best transition possible.

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