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Want to stay in the know on South Dakota legislation?

Wondering how you can stay informed on Bills? There are a couple of ways, so see what appeals to you, and follow the steps below!

To sign up for MyLRC+

(Examples via mobile phone, but available on computers as well)

1. Visit

2. Click on MyLRC, and create an account

Alternatively, you can periodically visit and manually search in a few ways. Select the year (in this case 2020 Bills) Session>2020 Bills

1. Search by Bill number on Bill Quick Find

2. Or a text search by keyword (for example taxes or hunting)

With MyLRC you can have Bill updates auto sent to your email. If you prefer to search manually, you can look up Bills by number, text keyword search or subject.

Even though we're in the last couple of weeks for session 2020, I hope you find this helpful!

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