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There's a rooster in a car at Walmart

There's a rooster in a car at Walmart.. but we'll get to that in a minute.

I love Autumn! It is by far my favorite season. And this year has not disappointed, between Fall Festivals, colors in Spearfish, a parade in Box Elder- Summer has been winding down, and community events and meetings have been picking up, and there is a lot going on west river!

I had the pleasure of learning about the Game Fish and Park’s proposed state of the art shooting range 10 miles north of Rapid City, visited with more constituents regarding everything from CRT to surrogacy to property taxes to septic systems, to vaccine mandates to special session topics. I attended Elevate Rapid City’s Critical Issues Infrastructure presentation, a Redistricting listening session, and volunteered to help harvest grapes at Old Folsom Vineyard in District 35. I was also able to Walk a Mile in Her Shoes for WAVI, take out the old voter-cycle for the Patriot Day parade in Box Elder and presented awards to outstanding military personnel and first responders at the Pennington County Lincoln Day Dinner. I finished out mid-September with the Because of You fundraiser for Black Hills Crisis Pregnancy Center and then the Chili Pepper Roast at Jolly Lane Greenhouse (picking out produce is serious business in our house). Also, meetings, meetings, meetings and some very interesting phone calls and emails.

The month concluded with a Senate Republican tour of growth and economic development in Rapid City, rounded up some Buffalo, more Redistricting discussions, attended the 35th Annual Military Appreciation BBQ and Awards, met with the SD Stockgrower's Association with tax concerns, and sponsored Free Cider from your Senator at the Box Elder Harvest Festival. Also included are a picture of my daughter prepping for an upcoming high school play (looking beautiful but a little too grown up) and yes... A rooster.. in a car... at Walmart. (Disclaimer: This is not my rooster. Or my car).

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