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Pro-Business Legislative Scorecard: Elevate Rapid City

Originally published by KOTA News Miranda O-Bryan

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA) - The 2021 South Dakota legislative session wrapped up at the end of March, but Thursday, Elevate Rapid City let people know the group’s opinion on how their lawmakers voted. Elevate Rapid City’s 2021 legislative scorecard focused on business. It looked at 16 bills that Elevate Rapid City took a stance on, ones that they hoped would help with community development. The bills focused on public policy, funding, and preparing for Ellsworth Air Force Base’s expanding mission. ”Some of the legislation that was covered this year were things like funding for rehabilitation of the railroad, funding for the liberty center, funding for the expansion of the mineral industries building at the school of mines,” said Jessica Castleberry, Senator for District 35. “And so those are all things that are going to be so impactful and it’s important for people to know who the legislators were that supported those efforts.”

Castleberry was one of six legislators who received a perfect score, voting in support of many of the 16 bills, making her and eight others, in Elevate’s eyes, pro-business champions. The scorecard is meant to show the community which lawmakers Elevate Rapid City believes will promote pro-business policies. Copyright 2021 KOTA. All rights reserved.

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