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...Ms Jessica always taught us to do the right thing

At preschool graduation in 2014, I was given this drawing by one of my most stellar students who had been with me since she was 2. She also happened to be a little girl whose mom and dad were stationed at Ellsworth Air Force Base. Her mother had her complete the assignment, and this time for me…

“I will miss Ms. Jessica because she always taught us to do the right thing.”

As a teacher, I would often have students complete assignments that had to do with finishing sentences and drawing a corresponding picture. “I love my daddy because…” “I like to be kind to my friends because…” These assignments help them with critical thinking and awareness. They’re also a great springboard for deeper, meaningful discussions.

Today, I will continue to do the right thing, in spite of political pressures, social games from colleagues, and just plain old-fashioned injustice. Please contact your legislators and ask them to support HB 1166 with Amendment C, an appropriation to support Ellsworth Air Force Base

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