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Little South Dakota

When I first travelled to Cabo San Lucas in 2013 I was taken aback by the beautiful aqua bay, the perfect temperature that never waivered far from 76 degrees, and the vibrant desert flora.

Also, I couldn't help but notice that almost every single license plate said South Dakota. The nickname, I've come to discover for all of Baja California is "Little South Dakota." I've heard of a home away from home, but this was a new one!

This year, I'm co prime sponsoring HB 1079 at the request of the Pennington County along with Representative Goodwin of District 30. The basis of the bill is to allow counties to set an administrative fee for mailed title applicaitons up to $25. The fee is completely at the discretion of individual counties, and counties can also opt out. Pennington County has done a great job of streamlining their processes so that lines aren't as long as they used to be, but the processing these extra titles is still taxing (pun intended).

In a state that's always looking for funding, I think this is a good way to get a little more money without breaking the bank. Also, a lot of the fees paid will be coming from people who've never taken one step into South Dakota, and since it's happening anyway, this will help our residents benefit.

To read the bill in it's entirety and track it's progress, click here:

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