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It's good to be home!

After a very busy and exciting session, it was great to be back in Rapid City this weekend. This year I was part of several teams that helped bring home the bacon for West River South Dakota. $20 million in funding for railroad improvements from Fort Pierre to Rapid City, $3.8 million for the Liberty Center in Box Elder to support the community and Ellsworth Air Force Base, provided perinatal hospice resources for grieving families, outlawed the sale, manufacture, or possession of obscene child like sex dolls and passed a resolution affirming South Dakotans Second Amendment Rights to keep and bear arms.

Friday night I had the opportunity to sponsor Box Elder Superhero Night. Saturday was busy with a Pennington County Republicans meeting and celebrating Senate Bill 177 with homeschooling families of the Black Hills at Americans for Prosperity. Before the snow got too bad Sunday I was able to attend the wine club member event at Firehouse Wine Cellars, and Ella Swanson‘s birthday fundraiser at Fork Real Community Cafe with a delicious traditional Irish four course meal. #southdakota #militaryfamilies #community

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