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Initial Discussions for One-Time Funds

South Dakotans may be aware of the potential for millions in one-time dollars.

Groups of legislators have been meeting to discuss spending priorities throughout October and November. These ideas are a well-balanced cross-section of South Dakota needs.

This is not the comprehensive list, but here are a few of the items under discussion:

1. Broadband expansion:

a. Schools, businesses, residential

2. Infrastructure:

a. Veterans Cemetery road/infrastructure

b. BIG program – bridge grants

3. Economic Development and workforce development:

a. Workforce affordable housing

4. Ellsworth:

a. Funding that supports infrastructure and expansion for the potential arrival of the B21s

5. Agriculture:

a. Railroad Board project support

b. In-state meat processing support

6. Health care:

a. LTC redesign / regional care delivery- infrastructure

b. Rapid City Crisis Care Center for mental health

c. West River Homeless Shelter – a new facility

These are some of the initial thoughts for the additional one-time funds, with more on the list for post-secondary institutions, paying down debt, and tourism to name a few. Now that the appropriations committees have been assigned, the list will be adjusted, tweaked, and reworked between joint appropriations and the second floor. The list above is a very strong start to utilize this funding to promote stability and growth in South Dakota for years to come.

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