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Highlighting District 35: Smoking Gun Shooting Range

I love going to Smoking Gun Shooting Range! Not only helpful to relieve stress during legislative sessions, but also facilitates creating valuable skills for anyone who carries concealed or wants to know more about self protection. Visit for more information.

My family was always HUGE into shooting, carrying, and our right as Americans to protect ourselves. Growing up, I was afraid of guns, (I was a fearful child anyway, and this was on the list, in spite of my family trying to educate and empower me). After my house was broken into in 2011 when I was home alone, I quickly became a supporter of our RIGHT to protect ourselves (it took the police 30 minutes to arrive, which could've been 30 minutes too late). Additionally, I now fully understand the importance of our right to protect ourselves from our government, as was the intention of our founding fathers.

Smoking Gun is a great company, with knowledgeable staff, and options for all levels of shooters. If you happen to be in the Rapid City area, I encourage you to stop by and check them out!

(I'm going to need a bigger purse)

(Something from the personal collection- can anyone guess what this is?)

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