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Guamaloly- and Other Internet Myths

I traveled to Aberdeen a couple of years ago and was wondering where to eat. Like most people on a sojourn these days, I turned to internet reviews to guide my choice.

There's a certain Mexican chain restaurant in South Dakota, family owned, but different in each city. The top review with the most views read something like this-

"Ok service. Didn't like the red sauce or the guamaloly. Don't go here."

How often are our choices influenced by someone who calls salsa red sauce, and guacamole, guamaloly? Our society has become ruled by half truths and opinions, rarely based in fact, expertise, or even regard for common good. Some will accept any random blurt as gospel truth as long as it confirms their bias. This is having a tremendously negative impact on our children, our businesses, and our ability to be civil, diplomatic, intelligent human beings. We now have cancel culture, where we're teaching our children they are never allowed to make a mistake, or change an opinion. We're expecting people to be fully morally and spiritually mature from the time they're hatched, with no possibility to allow experience to help them evolve. We're tearing down businesses that are trying so hard to thrive, not through discussion and opportunity to work with their customers, but opinion vomit all over the internet. We're tearing down the people around us without healthy dialogue and respect. We have created an ignorant society ruled by social media drivel. This is further compounded by the outlandish censorship by privately owned social media companies. As Americans who should be fighting for our rights and the Constitution, this is very troubling.

I had a guamaloly shirt made a few years ago. On certain days, when I've read misinformation about me or attacks from people who are misguided, it's comforting to come home, put on my shirt, and know what they said was just another load of guamaloly.

So please, formulate your own opinions. Put a little bit of analysis and humanity into your thoughts. And if you're ever in Aberdeen, please, PLEASE, try the guamaloly. I hear it's terrible.

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