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Fall ghillie suits for Thanksgiving?

November’s update: Redistricting of the legislative districts took place statewide. Because redistricting is a numbers game every district in the state shifted a little, with the exception of District 31 in Lawrence County because they’re District fell exactly within the population requirements. Everyone had to change a little, and while the Green Valley area will now become part of District 30 and no longer District 35 it is still our job is legislators to represent the entire state. I encourage everyone to reach out to me at any time. Friends east of Radar Hill Road (previously District 30) may be surprised to discover they will soon be represented by District 27. I encourage everyone to poke around on the South Dakota legislature government website to familiarize yourself with new representatives and new district lines.

The initial proceedings for the Attorney General also took place. The House review committee has been selected and if the impeachment trial takes place it will be in the coming months. The Senate will serve as the jury so I am prohibited from making any comments, but expect to see updates in the news in 2022.

I spent a morning at St Paul’s Lutheran School with Representative Chris Johnson running through a bill process with a second-grade classroom. The kids asked insightful questions, and we had a wonderful time!

Leadership SD had an alumni mixer, and it was great to see many of my classmates and friends as well as make new ones. Congratulations to those who were selected for the Leadership South Dakota class of 2022.

I helped with the Care and Share Food Drive, and with the generosity of matching donations over $75,000 was raised.

I attended the announcement of the naming rights for the Liberty Wellness Center in Box Elder. Black Hills energy will be a corporate sponsor and the new building will be known as Black Hills Energy’s Liberty Wellness Center. This donation will tremendously support our military and the City of Box Elder. I also had the opportunity to get in some shooting practice for the first time in a while. I much prefer our AK 47 to this 308. Too heavy for my wimpy arms which spend far too much time typing at a computer than target shooting!

Thanksgiving was a blur! I decorated for autumn so much so my husband said people could come and go in a fall leaf ghillie suit if they wanted and be undetected grabbing snacks from the charcuterie board. As it was, we entertained 18 people at our home (as far as we know anyway, as long as no one took his advice for the fall leaf camouflage).

I was able to attend the final Box Elder Chamber Mixer of the year and visit with folks wondering about retail in the area and the new Districts 35, 27, and 30.

I also enjoyed speaking at Pennington County Republican Women, outlining priorities for education, taxpayer protection, mirroring some election legislation from other states, and the Constitutional stance on vaccine mandates. All of this was coupled with many meetings, emails, phone calls and research for upcoming legislation. I appreciate everyone who has been reaching out to me with their ideas and I will do my very best to complete follow ups before the first of the year! Thank you for the opportunity to serve my home District of 35, and all of South Dakota.

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