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Benefits of Communism, miscellaneous meetings, and the General Election

Benefits of Communism: None

There, that was easy. I always find it amazing that the majority of American proponents of Communism have never visited a Communist country (I have, just an fyi), much less lived in one. The pro-Communism layperson on the street will tell you Communism is about fairness and equity (I want my stuff and your stuff too). The learned pro-Communism professors will tell you Communism just hasn't been implemented correctly, and that with superior application will result in a utopian society for all, following the theory that giving corrupt and failing governments more control over your life, your wallet, and your children will surely fix everything. People who have actually experienced Communism will share a different perspective. If this sounds simple, it's because it is. But, enough about Communism for today.

The General Election is upon us, early voting begins September 23rd. I do not have a challenger in the General Election this year, and it is my honor to serve as the voice of the people of District 35 for the next two years. It is imperative to get out and vote! You can check your voter registration, review ballot measures and find candidate information here.

Several meetings and events have continued to take place throughout July to September.

I attended meetings for the interim study on property tax, met with new senators-elect from throughout the state, attended discussions on forest management (we need lumber mills to "weed our garden" and keep our forests safe), the groundbreaking for Common Bond Communities new apartment complex, followed up on legislation ideas, updates on the B21, the Birth to Three Coordinated Council, considerations for the railroad, expansion plans in Box Elder, abortion concerns in South Dakota, and assist with plans for future new candidate trainings. I was also able to serve as a judge for the Pooch Pageant (a fundraiser for Hobo's Healing Heart), attend the Goat Gala Fundraiser for Charm Farm Refuge, and visit with folks at Box Elder's Patriot Day and Parade.

My baby dog, Annie Oakley also passed away at age ten this Summer. She was my protector, my dog daughter, and my best friend. She was there for me after my home was broken into, with every up and down in my business, and through the hectic political schedule and travel. Some people look at their pets as tools, but we regard ours as family. She taught me everything I know about unconditional love, and how to live every day for "one more walk."

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