Early Voting Begins September 18, 2020

Voter Registration Deadline October 19, 2020

General Election November 3rd, 2020

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Proven Leadership: How Did Jessica Vote in Pierre?

YES Denotes Yes Vote

NO Denotes No Vote

**Denotes Prime Sponsorship


Protecting Low Taxes

SB 76 provide for the assessment of certain agricultural land as noncropland. NO

SB 68 authorize a county gross receipts tax. NO

SB 178 increase funding for counties and townships by increasing the excise tax rate on motor fuel. NO

HB 1279 require property owners to receive notification of property tax reduction programs YES

Protecting Gun Rights

HB 1296 ensures the law-abiding gun owners of South Dakota won’t be disarmed during natural disasters or emergencies, such as the outbreak of COVID-19 YES

HB 1094 allows people on motorcycles, atvs, and snowmobiles to possess firearms YES

SCR 603 recognizes the importance of gun safety in alignment with the NRA YES

Protecting Personal Liberties

**HB 1123 revise provisions regarding termination of a lease by a victim of alleged domestic abuse (a couple of minutes late, I was in transportation committee and had to cross the Capitol)YES Audio of my testimony

**HB 1131 prime sponsored legislation to put a stop to spam phone calls in South Dakota YES Audio of my testimony

HB 1063 to raise the smoking age to 21 NO Audio of my testimony

SB 113 increased regulations on teen drivers NO Audio of my testimony

HB 1169 increased legislation on using electronic devices while driving NO Audio of my testimony

SB 172 revise provisions regarding civil forfeiture YES

SB 136 supported abused and neglected children to allow therapy dogs into court proceedings YES Audio of my testimony

Protecting Unborn Children

HCR 6020 Denouncing the National Education Association's recent policy to support "the fundamental right to abortion." YES

**HB 1232 provide an appropriation for adoption assistance grants DIED IN COMMITTEE

Supporting Small Business

SB 70 authorize other languages to be used in the process of issuing certain driver licenses and permits YES

SB 72 establish the Dakota's promise scholarship program, to establish the Dakota's promise fund, to make an appropriation, and to declare an emergency YES

SB 157 revise certain provisions regarding the county zoning and appeals process YES

SJR 501 Proposing and submitting to the voters an amendment to the Constitution of the State of South Dakota, providing for wagering on sporting events and to revise provisions regarding certain municipal proceeds of gaming revenues YES

1083 rename the postsecondary technical institutes as technical colleges YES Audio of my testimony

1100 make an appropriation to begin the research and development of a new bioprocessing facility YES

1179 authorize series limited liability companies YES

6017 encourage the creation of an interim legislative study to address infrastructure and funding support related to the expansion of Ellsworth Air Force Base YES

**SR 702 Calling for statewide recognition of South Dakota's military veteran entrepreneurs and Bunker Labs of Rapid City YES Audio of my testimony 

Supporting Our Community

HB 1047 authorize the Board of Regents to contract for the design, renovation of, and addition to, the Devereaux Library on the campus of the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology and to make an appropriation therefor.

**HB 1079 authorize a county to assess an administration fee for the processing of certain title applications. YES Audio of my testimony

Supporting Safety

SB 21 authorize temporary variable speed limits on state highways under certain circumstances YES

SCR 604 Recognizing June as Move Over Awareness Month and urging drivers to slow down and move over for stopped vehicles YES

Response to COVID 19

SB 187 revise certain provisions regarding reemployment assistance benefits in response to Coronavirus Disease 2019 and to declare an emergency YES BILL PASSED

SB 190 revise certain driver licensing requirements to allow for an extension during a statewide emergency or disaster and to declare an emergency YES BILL PASSED

SB 188 account for educational opportunities provided to students during a state of emergency and to declare an emergency YES BILL PASSED

SB 189 provide exemptions from certain requirements for the 2019-2020 school year and to declare an emergency YES BILL PASSED

SB 192 create the small business economic disaster relief subfund, to provide for the transfer of certain funds into the subfund, to authorize the Economic Development Finance Authority to make a grant to the subfund, to provide for the continuous appropriation of the subfund, and to declare an emergency YES BILL PASSED

SB 191 provide emergency authority to counties, community improvement districts, and municipalities in the event of a public health crisis and to declare an emergency YES BILL FAILED IN THE HOUSE

SB 194 revise certain requirements for absentee ballots and to declare an emergency NOBILL FAILED IN THE SENATE

SB 193 revise Senate Bill 38, An Act to revise the General Appropriations Act for fiscal year 2020, as previously enacted by the Ninety-fifth Session of the South Dakota Legislature YES BILL PASSED

HB 1295 revise provisions regarding contagious disease control and enforcement and to declare an emergency YES BILL PASSED

HB 1296 revise the authority of the Governor in times of a disaster, act of terrorism, or emergency and to declare an emergency, and ensures the law-abiding gun owners of South Dakota won’t be disarmed during natural disasters or emergencies, such as the outbreak of COVID-19 YES BILL PASSED

HB 1297 grant the secretary of health certain authority during a public health emergency and to declare an emergency No chance to vote, died in the House

HB 1298 provide for the postponement of certain elections and to declare an emergency YES BILL PASSED

Professionally Jessica has kept all three of her preschool businesses open during the crisis for essential employees in our area. They have been utilizing intense sanitizing procedures throughout each day to prevent the spread of COVID 19. Families under financial hardship have been allowed to suspend care without financial penalties. As a legislator, Senator Castleberry has been donating to local businesses in need, and promoting social distancing and mental health and economic resources in times of crisis.


For Senator Castleberry's complete voting record visit https://sdlegislature.gov/

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