Proven Leadership: What Did Jessica Support in Pierre?

Prime Sponsor

HB 1067 modify identification requirements for a marriage license and to provide certain provisions for a name change.

SB 73 revise provisions regarding the sale of certain government owned vehicles by an auction agency.

SB 83 require the provision of information regarding perinatal hospice.

SB 93 make an appropriation to rehabilitate the rail line from west of the city of Fort Pierre through the city of Midland and to declare an emergency.

SB 126 establish the crime of possession, manufacturing, or distribution of obscene dolls.

SB 129 prohibit infringement upon the constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

SB 150 clarify the penalty for using fireworks in violation of a county resolution, and to declare an emergency.

SB 151 make an appropriation to provide for infrastructure to support Ellsworth Air Force Base and to declare an emergency.

SCR 607 Affirming the Legislature's support of the constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

Co Sponsor

HB 1043 provide enhanced permit criteria for current and former law enforcement officers.

HB 1048  revise provisions regarding the sales of certain older vehicles at auction.

HB 1051 maintain the life of any child born alive.

HB 1056 authorize the designation of Purple Star schools.

HB 1058 authorize the recall of county commissioners.

HB 1080 increase the enhanced penalty for the crime of simple assault.

HB 1081 increase the penalty for protection order violations.

HB 1087 authorize the use of crossbows by certain hunters.

HB 1109 modify requirements and restrictions related to certain alcoholic beverages.

HB 1161 update certain provisions regarding pregnancy help center consultations.

HB 1197 require the attorney general be licensed to practice law in the state.

HB 1199 establish the Office of Liaison for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons.

HB 1212 clarify the use of force.

HCR 6006 Urging efforts to increase competition and transparency among livestock packers.

HCR 6008 To reauthorize the Mental Health Services Delivery Task Force for the limited purposes of monitoring the growth and development of current initiatives in the delivery of mental health services, reviewing and proposing adjustments to the levels of funding, and ensuring that the statutory and regulatory framework complements intended outcomes.

SB 80 provide for counties, reservations, and municipalities in the legislative redistricting process.

SB 100 continue the prohibition on the seizure of firearms and ammunitions.

SB 105 revise certain provisions regarding operator's licenses, instruction permits, and restricted minor's permits.

SB 111 reduce the fee for permits to carry concealed pistols.

SB 137 provide for the reimbursement of lost revenue for businesses forcibly closed by a governmental entity.

SB 144 make an appropriation to provide for a crisis stabilization unit and to declare an emergency.

SB 148 establish the crime of torture of a human trafficking victim and provide a penalty therefor.

SB 156 authorize the Board of Regents to contract for the construction of a Mineral Industry Building and the demolition of the old Mineral Industry Building on the campus of South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, to make an appropriation therefor, and to declare an emergency.

SB 157 appropriate funds for infrastructure and improvements at the Rapid City Regional Airport and to declare an emergency.

SB 158 appropriate funds for the purchase of the former Ascent Innovation Center and to declare an emergency.

SB 164 modify the process for civil forfeiture.

SB 177 revise the provisions of parental choice regarding compulsory school attendance and matters ancillary thereto.

SB 180 revise certain provisions regarding revenues generated by and donations to the South Dakota State Veterans Cemetery, and to declare an emergency.

SB 181 make an appropriation for road improvements leading to the State Veterans Cemetery and to declare an emergency.

SB 188 make an appropriation to the Department of Veterans Affairs for the South Dakota State Veterans Cemetery and to declare an emergency.

SCR 601 Urging the members of South Dakota's congressional delegation to vote against any act admitting the District of Columbia as a separate state.

SCR 602 Supporting a United States Constitutional amendment to retain nine justices on the United States Supreme Court.

SCR 603 Supporting the establishment of the Economic Development Professionals Association of South Dakota.

SCR 604 Supporting trade negotiations to remove barriers to country of origin labelling.

SR 702 Acknowledging the local disaster impacting the Hideaway Hills neighborhood in the community of Black Hawk, Meade County, South Dakota.

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