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Jessica supports a strong and viable economy for agriculture and recognizes the contribution farmers and ranchers make to South Dakota. In 2022, Jessica will prime sponsor draft HB 50, a Grassland Tax Relief Bill to help our South Dakota ranchers. 


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Senator Castleberry supported agriculture in 2021

Senator Castleberry co-sponsored:

HCR 6006 Urging efforts to increase competition and transparency among livestock packers.

SCR 604 Supporting trade negotiations to remove barriers to country of origin labelling.

Jessica Castleberry Stockgrowers Association


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HB 1039: Grassland Tax Relief Bill

Keeps land that has been used as grassland for the past twenty years as grassland and not have any portion reassessed as cropland.

Cleans up current assessment processes and lighten the load of county assessors, local departments of equalization, and the Department of Revenue.

Holds the Department of Revenue accountable for unkept promises to fix the broken assessment system for the past eleven years.

Supports agriculture and our South Dakota ranchers.

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