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I'm Jessica, and I believe your voice matters

In 2019 I was appointed to the South Dakota Senate by Governor Kristi Noem. In 2020, my friends and neighbors in District 35 re-elected me to continue to serve them. In 2023, I return to the South Dakota Senate having been unopposed.

I believe in my oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and South Dakota. 

I believe in fiscal responsibility and limited government.

I believe in our right to protect ourselves as citizens of the United States, and the rights of all Americans to pursue happiness. We can rise above ugly politics and do what's best for all of our citizens.

Paramount, I believe legislators need to be connected to their constituents and make decisions on their behalf and for their benefit. Your voice matters.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to represent District 35 in the South Dakota Senate.

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For a complete list of 2023 details, committees, bills, and hearings, click here

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Jessica stands ready to assist you however she's able. She wants to hear what is happening in your community.

Protecting Gun Rights

Jessica is endorsed by the NRA and has an A rating for 2020, 2021, and 2022

Jessica comes from a family of avid gun owners who believe in the rights of Americans to protect themselves- that right shouldn't be infringed in any way. 

In 2022, Jessica prime sponsored HB 1052, An Act to place limitations on the enforcement of federal laws and directive related to firearms and ammunition.

In 2021, Jessica prime sponsored Senate Concurrent Resolution 607,

Affirming the Legislature's support of the constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

protecting low taxes

Jessica believes that governments should be transparent and limited to their respective roles as essential to inherently governmental functions and should only collect taxes to fund legitimate government functions.

In 2023 Jessica will co-sponsor HB 1043 to make an exemption from certain property taxation for owner occupied single-family dwellings and HB 1075 to lower the state sales tax rate and the state use tax rate on food to zero percent. In 2022, Jessica prime sponsored HB 1253 in the Senate, to provide property assessment freeze and reduction of property assessment for certain seniors, and to revise qualifications for a property tax exemption. She also prime sponsored draft HB 1039, a Grassland Tax Relief Bill to help our South Dakota ranchers.

protecting the unborn

In 2020, 2021, and 2022 Jessica earned a 100% Pro Life Scorecard from South Dakota Right to Life

Jessica's life work has been to support children and families.

In 2023 Jessica will prime sponsor HB 1220 to provide that a female subjected to an unlawful abortion may not be held criminally liable.

In 2022 Jessica prime sponsored HB 1113, An Act to prohibit threats made with the intent to coerce an abortion and to provide a penalty therefor.

In 2021, she prime sponsored SB 83, An Act to require the provision of information regarding perinatal hospice.  Both of these bills were signed into law.

Proven leadership

Jessica serves as the Vice-Chair of Senate Transportation. and

Jessica was selected for the State Legislative Leadership Emerging Leaders Program in July of 2021 and the National Conference of State Legislatures Emerging Leader Program in December of 2021.

Protecting freedom and the constitution

Jessica believes in the United States of America.

Jessica opposes attempts to socially engineer our society and its relation to race, racism, and power through critical race theory.

Jessica opposes Unconstitutional vaccine mandates.

Jessica opposes Marxism, and is prepared to confront the current threat of communism in our country. In 2022, Jessica prime sponsored HB 1012 legislation to prohibit Critical Race Theory during orientation, professional development and trainings at institutions of higher education.

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Support for veterans, the military, and law enforcement

Jessica supports men and women and their families in all branches of the armed forces, past and present, who have sacrificed their time and lives for our country.

In 2021, Jessica prime sponsored

HB 1166 to make an appropriation of $3.8M to provide for infrastructure to support Ellsworth Air Force Base and to declare an emergency for the construction of the Liberty Wellness Center. She also co-sponsored HB 1056 to establish Purple Star Schools in South Dakota- state-sponsored recognition designed to emphasize the importance of assisting military children with school transition and developing programs that recognize the value of military service and civic responsibility.

community involvement

Jessica spends time with her constituents.

You can find her attending networking and community meetings, fundraisers, and volunteering at community events throughout our area. Jessica believes legislators should be accountable, accessible, and professional.

Look for Jessica out on her voter-cycle, or stop by and say hi when you see her out and about!


Jessica supports a strong and viable economy for agriculture and recognizes the contribution farmers and ranchers make to South Dakota.

In 2022, Jessica  prime sponsored HB 1039, a Grassland Tax Relief Bill to help our South Dakota ranchers. 

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Protecting Women and Children

Jessica is dedicated to protecting and supporting women and children. Jessica believes parents have the first and primary responsibility of educating their children. She supports access to locally controlled, quality education. Jessica serves on the education committee.

In 2022 Jessica prime sponsored SB 46, An Act to promote fairness in women's sports. She co-sponsored An Act to prohibit eligibility for a suspended imposition of sentence for the crime of rape and prime sponsor legislation to address new technology in revenge porn.

In 2021 She prime sponsored SB 126 to establish the crime of possession, manufacturing, or distribution of obscene childlike sex dolls. All of these bills were signed into law.


Quality of life

Jessica promotes quality of life for all South Dakotans.

In 2022, Jessica prime sponsored legislation to improve quality of life for the elderly, disabled and homeless through better use of current funding.

economic development

In 2020, 2021, and 2022 Jessica earned a 100% Pro Business Scorecard from Elevate Rapid City.

She supports the creation of new jobs and economic development that will enable our youth and adults to stay in State of South Dakota. She opposes government overreach, and excessive taxation and overregulation.

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