I'm Jessica, and I believe your voice matters

I'm committed to my neighbors and community. I grew up in Rapid Valley, District 35, attending Rapid Valley Elementary School, Dakota Middle School, and graduating from Rapid City Central High School. 

I've been a business owner for the past decade. For the past five years I've also advocated in DC, collaborated with legislators in Pierre, and with our current mayor's office in Rapid City.  

I believe in sensible, empathetic, and logical leadership that's based on the Constitution.  I believe in fiscal responsibility and limited government. I believe in our right to protect ourselves as citizens of the United States, and the rights of all Americans to pursue happiness. We can rise above ugly politics and do what's best for all of our citizens.

Paramount, I believe legislators need to be connected to their constituents and make decisions on their behalf and for their benefit. Your voice matters.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to represent District 35 in the South Dakota Senate.

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For more information on the references below, links to audio clips of testimony, specific bills she sponsored, legislation she voted on, and Jessica's reaction to COVID-19 click here: More About Senator Castleberry

Protecting Low Taxes

In 2021, Jessica served on the Senate Taxation Committee. She believes we need to keep taxes low for South Dakotans.


SB 76 which provided for the assessment of certain agricultural land as noncropland. This would've resulted in significant tax increases for many of our most rural counties, and also a tax increase for Pennington County.

SB 68 that would've authorized a county gross receipts tax 

SB 178 which increased funding for counties and townships and would have increased the excise tax rate on motor fuel.


HB 1279 which requires that property owners to receive notification of property tax reduction programs 

Protecting Gun Rights

Jessica is endorsed by the NRA and has an A rating

Jessica comes from a family of avid gun owners who believe in the rights of Americans to protect themselves- that right shouldn't be infringed in anyway. Here's some of the legislation she

Prime Sponsored:

SB 129 An Act to prohibit infringement upon the constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Listen to her testimony here

SCR 607 Affirming the Legislature's support of the constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Listen to her testimony here 


SB 100 An Act to continue the prohibition on the seizure of firearms and ammunitions

SB 111 An Act to reduce the fee for permits to carry concealed pistols


Protecting the Unborn


Jessica's life work has been to support children and families. This session, she prime sponsored SB 83, An Act to require the provision of information regarding perinatal hospice.  In 2020, Jessica earned a 100% Pro Life Scorecard from South Dakota Right to Life

SB 83 bill signing ceremony March 2021

Proven Leadership

Jessica stood up for your rights, supported the 2nd Amendment, spoke out on unconstitutional bills, prevented tax increases, supported vulnerable women and children, and promoted legislation for Ellsworth Air Force Base and Box Elder, the South Dakota School of Mines, and Western Dakota Technical College and small business. 

Jessica successfully prime sponsored and passed

SB 93 to make a $20M  appropriation to rehabilitate the rail line from west of the city of Fort Pierre to the city of Rapid City and to declare an emergency.

HB 1166 to make an appropriation of $3.8M to provide for infrastructure to support Ellsworth Air Force Base and to declare an emergency for the construction of the Liberty Wellness Center

SB 126 to establish the crime of possession, manufacturing, or distribution of obscene child like sex dolls.

In 2020, Jessica earned a 100% Pro Business Scorecard from Elevate Rapid City.

Connected to the Community

Jessica spends time with her constituents. You can find her attending networking and community meetings, fundraisers, and volunteering at community events throughout our area. Jessica believes legislators should be accountable, accessible, and professional. Look for Jessica out on her voter-cycle, or stop by and say hi when you see her out and about!

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Detailed bills, testimony, voting record, reaction to COVID 19 and more here